Make you baby shower party memorable with 15 amazing Pottery barn baby shower ideas

Pottery barn baby shower ideas


Wondering how to make your baby shower unique and exciting? Fuss no more! With Pottery Barn Baby Shower ideas, be certain to tick every essential off your baby shower supply list. Read on to explore some fabulous Pottery Barn baby shower ideas for both boys and girls.


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Top tips


To kick off your pottery barn baby shower, invite your guests in style with thematically customized invitation cards. Compliments your decor with a wide variety of accessories and supplies to bowl over your guests. From Chinese lanterns made for parties to hanging tissue balls among others.

Capture your guests’ attention with a uniquely colorful, creamy and yummy baby shower cakes Be a wonderful host. Satisfy your guests’ appetite with the best finger food and cool drinks from unique recipes.

Whether it’s keeping your guests going with sweet and savory treats filled in candy-colored party pails, or sending them home with leftover baby shower cake packed in lovely dessert boxes, make the baby shower favors count. Don’t forget the critical bit of having fun by incorporating all-inclusive fun games.
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Finally and most importantly, personalize your pottery barn baby shower by having a specific theme for the party to match the décor, cake, invitation cards and baby shower favors.

Make your baby shower party count!
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