Lion king baby shower ideas – 15 ways to hold a legendary baby shower

Lion king baby shower ideas


It is always important to have a themed baby shower instead of just holding a random one. A baby shower that revolves around a specific theme creates a feeling of order and is altogether fun and memorable.

If you’re intending to hold a baby shower, especially for a baby boy,  popular themes you can go for, are Lion King baby shower ideas. This Disney animation inspired theme is bound to make your baby shower event colorful and one worth talking about.

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Most popular Lion King baby shower ideas

If you’re going to hold a Lion King baby shower ideas, there are a number of ideas you can put into effect to help you achieve this theme. There are three major things you should consider in your quest to realize the king of the wild’s theme. These include decor, utensils, and the baby shower cake. Once you’ve managed to portray Lion King in these three things, it is a done deal for you.

In terms of decor, you can get Lion King balloons, Lion King door mats and floor rugs, Lion King tablemats, Lion King centerpieces, and even Lion King wall hangings among others. This decor items will certainly get everyone feeling the jungle chief’s vibe.

Incorporating the Lion King theme into your utensils is also pretty easy. You just need to buy party plates and cups with Lion King decorations at any major supermarket. Alternatively, you can purchase Lion King labels and stickers then stick them on the utensils. This especially applies to the party cups and glasses. You also shouldn’t forget to have a large Lion King jug. You can fill this with drinking water or fruit juice. It will help serve as the dining table’s centerpiece.

Coming to the cake, you can buy a Lion King baby shower cake from cake stores or even get to bake one if you have the time and skills for it. You should take care to choose a beautiful and delicious cake as a cake is usually the highlight of most baby showers.
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Other ideas for Lion King themed baby showers

The other ideas you can incorporate into your Lion King baby shower ideas are Lion King invitation cards, Lion King thank you cards, and Lion King stickers and sweets for your guests. All these ideas plus the other ones will sure help make your event successful.

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